Our Story

Cosmédiene was founded by Cameron & Steven and born out of confusion and disappointment as to why the cosmetics industry still uses toxic ingredients, destructive business practises and operates in non-environmentally sustainable ways.

It's clear that there are better ways to gain enhanced skincare and haircare results from natural, clean and sustainable ways. By making these options easily available for our customers we provide both superior skin & hair treatment results, as well as promoting industry practises that find a better way.

Who We Are

We are a clean and conscious cosmetics company. We carefully craft and curate our multi-brand product collections to be sold on our store. We offer our customers a unique and high quality shopping experience.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower our customers to shop for their cosmetics with peace of mind. Customers are safe in the knowledge that all product collections on offer have met important formulation and production criteria that make items clean and conscious. We work to provide comfort to our customers by ensuring that only the most natural and pure products are available on our store, and such items enhance our customer’s wellbeing and the planet’s ecosystem.

About Us

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Established in 2021.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower consciously minded individuals to discover and shop for their cosmetics in a “curated safe space”. Our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that any purchase decision made within our store will be clean and conscious. Simply put, products or brands that are detrimental to the health of our customers and the planet’s eco-system are not on offer. We exclusively offer items that enhance our customer’s wellbeing and the planet’s ecosystem.

On our mission we champion those that dare to do the right thing, those that put their love of craft first, those that do not compromise on quality, and those that stand up against an industry. An industry that cuts corners in pursuit of short term profits at the expensive of long term environmental sustainability, we take a stand to find a better way. We celebrate the solo-preneur, the new brands, the change-makers who follow their natural passions. Who dedicate their lives to creating enriching and wholesome products for the benefit of all. We see it as our mission to elevate such cosmetics creators and empower our customers to discover them. We believe that such dedication is a form of genius, and that such attention to detail and artisan craft will push the world of cosmetics forward.

Our Vision

Our vision is to live in a world in which the cosmetics industry is fully clean, fully conscious and in harmony with nature. Where every cosmetic product is born in a clean, sustainable and high quality way. Where wholesome, pure and natural ingredients are the standard for all. Where every product is free from toxins, free from animal cruelty and free from environmental damage.

In this world we see that every person is celebrated for their unique beauty, authenticity and happiness. Where respect liberates the culture and empowers peace of mind for all. Today our vision may only be a dream, or even naive, but it is something we believe in, wholeheartedly. We believe it's a journey and it wont be easy to get there, but no worthwhile journey ever is. It takes a person, a village, a community, a world to make a difference that truly matters. It will take time, but together we can get there, step by step. We hope to lead by example and empower our customers to have enhanced expectations of what is possible in their daily life, and encourage the industry to adopt new standards. We are optimistic as the prize of living in harmony with the planet is worth pursuing.

What We Value






Our Promise

We promise to carefully curate the world of cosmetics to ensure that only products and brands with the highest standards for clean and quality will be eligible for sale within our store.

We take responsibility to empower our customers to be carefree when shopping. We promise and guarantee satisfaction. If our customers are not fully satisfied with their product or shopping experience then that is on us. We offer a money back grantee, with no questions asked if we have let down our customers.