Sourcing Criteria

Sourcing Criteria

Our sourcing criteria is an important framework for empowering our customers to discover and shop for their cosmetics in a “curated safe space”. Our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that any purchase decision made within our store will be clean and conscious. Simply put, products or brands that are detrimental to the health of our customers and the planet’s eco-system are not on offer.

We take the responsibility of our sourcing criteria very seriously.....

Sourcing Blacklist

We take a positioning of not sourcing or offering products on our store that match any of our blacklist criteria.

Blacklist criteria:
✖ We stand against the use of toxic chemicals.
✖ We stand against animal-testing.
✖ We stand against non-sustainable production practises.
✖ We stand against non-ethical business practises.
✖ We stand against exaggerated pricing.
✖ We stand against misleading product claims.

We believe there is a better way:
✓ We believe that natural, pure and raw ingredients are best.
✓ We believe in no cruelty to animals.
✓ We believe in 100% recyclable practises.
✓ We believe in transparency and trustworthiness.
✓ We believe in honourable pricing.
✓ We believe in clear, simple and honest claims.